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Our story…

Our Story

Using Roll On Logistics means having all of your fulfillment and warehouse needs met in one single place.  It means having peace of mind, and time to focus on your business, rather than the logistics.  Our world-class customer service team will manage, track and ensure the logistics of your business are handled with the best expertise in our industry.

Warehouse and Fulfillment

Roll On Logistics accepted our first pallet of inventory in 2015!  Since then we have worked across various types of industries including Food/Beverage, Automotive, Industrial, Construction and everything else!  With a little over 100,000 square feet of space we strive to keep inventory accurate and up to date, so you can concentrate on your business and let us handle the logistics. 

New Technologies

WMS (Warehouse Management System):  Roll On Logistics realized we could store and deliver your products directly from our warehouse, but something was missing.  To ensure the best customer service, we implemented our World Class WMS systems so our clients could get real time access to their inventory, run customized reporting, and effectively manage their inventory.  Implementing this system allows us to focus on timely and affordable fulfillment services so you can be sure your Amazon, Shopify, or whatever platform you are selling your inventory on can be filled on time and accurate!  Our fulfillment services are full-service, world-class, and perfectly structured to ensure all of our clients’ businesses remain top sellers!

Dedicated and Unique

Roll On Logistics is truly unique in our industry.  We are not the biggest company in our industry or the oldest company in our industry.  Roll On Logistics IS the best company in the logistics and warehousing industry.  Our careful planning in expansion and logistics means you never having to worry about your cargo, your storage or fulfillment.  It means focusing on what REALLY matters: your business.


Chris Troutner, CEO

The Troutner family started Roll On Industries back in 2000. Today, Chris Troutner leads Roll On Logistics with passion, creativity and a personal commitment.


Roll On Logistics elite warehouse services are surpassed by none.  We offer a full range of warehousing services including storage solutions.  B2B or B2C fulfillment, cross dock, load rework,  a fully transparent WMS system, as well as specialized services for your specific need.  We are flexible because we know your inventory is not like anyone else’s.