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Looking for Warehouse or Fulfillment Services?

We provide the best warehouse and fulfillment services in the Midwest.  We are experienced in all types of fulfillment from warehouse replenishment to Amazon Fulfillment clients.  With our world class EDI capable Warehouse Management System, we are able to integrate with various platforms to efficiently and effectively get your products where they need to go.


Ship your goods to us, and we’ll ship them to your clients.


Ship and store your products with us.


Roll On Logistics elite warehouse services are surpassed by none.  We offer a full range of warehousing services including storage solutions.  B2B or B2C fulfillment, cross dock, load rework,  a fully transparent WMS system, as well as specialized services for your specific need.  We are flexible because we know your inventory is not like anyone else’s.

Fast and Accurate Fulfillment Services

Elite Warehouse Services

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What makes us different?

Using Roll On Logistics means having all of your third-party logistics and warehouse needs fulfilled in one single place.  It means having peace of mind, and time to focus on your business, rather than the logistics.  Our world-class customer service team will manage, track and ensure the logistics of your business are handled with the best expertise in our industry.

Warehouse and 3rd Party Logistics

The executives at Roll On Logistics knew that we could now handle any load that came our way, but we wanted to make it even easier for our clients to conduct their business when using our services.  Our team knew that the best way to help was to launch a logistics and warehousing branch of the company.  As a result, this branch would change and grow to handle all aspects of 3rd party logistics including drop shipping and kitting. 

New Technologies

Roll On Logistics could now handle products storage and fulfillment for any company on the planet.  We could store and sell products directly from our warehouse.  And, our associates were able do it all with the highest level of transparency to our clients.  This is why we added systems to help clients track the status of their products.  We also added a fully transparent warehouse system, so that a client could find out where their products were in our warehouses in real time.  We also focus on timely and affordable Amazon Fulfillment services.  We work with people all over the world to ensure Amazon shoppers get their purchases on time.  Our Amazon Fulfillment services are full-service, world-class, and perfectly structured to ensure all of our clients’ businesses remain top sellers.

Dedicated and Unique

Roll On Logistics is truly unique in our industry.  We are not the biggest company in our industry or the oldest company in our industry.  Roll On Logistics IS the best company in the logistics and warehousing industry.  Our careful planning in expansion and logistics means you never having to worry about your cargo, your storage or fulfillment.  It means focusing on what REALLY matters: your business.

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