Combine rail and road for savings and flexibility. Intermodal Shipping Experts.

Send your products via rail and road with the fastest growing mode of transportation, Intermodal transportation, and get the best of both worlds: the flexibility of the road plus the savings of rail.

By adding railroad transport into the mix, your shipments arrive for a better price than they would if they only traveled by truck. Roll On Industries can transport your product locally, domestically or across North American via intermodal shipping, and because we’re centrally located – in Kansas City – we can frequently offer even lower costs and better delivery times than other Intermodal trucking companies.

  • With our new Intermodal option, your shipments get preferential, priority rail treatment on the highest performing railroads in the fastest-growing regions
  • Our state of the art intermodal carriers let us change modes of transportation without having to handle your freight, which means your products stay safer and more secure
  • Our refrigerated intermodal carriers maintain a consistent temperature from pick up to delivery so your perishable, frozen and other products arrive in optimal condition
  • You can significantly reduce your carbon footprint – trucks emit approximately 19.8 pounds of carbon dioxide per 100 ton-miles while trains only emit about 5.4

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Have a single point of contact.

Roll On Industries is unique among shipping companies. we own our own trucks and equipment and are committed to providing you with exceptional service every step of the way. We’ll never hand customer service off to a third party – or a chain of providers – whose standards may or more likely, may not match up to ours.

Receive open, honest communication.

When you work with us, we’ll set you up with your own personal customer service representative who will learn about your company, understand your unique needs and always communicate openly and honestly with you – ensuring timely, efficient and cost-effective deliveries every time.

Track your shipments 24/7.

With Roll On, you can track all your shipments 24/7 online. You can even receive updates on your intermodal transport, including when your load is picked up and delivered – on time. You can access your receipts (a.k.a. bills of lading) here. They’re always available, quickly and easily, when you need them. If you have questions at any time, your personal customer service rep is just a phone call away.


Want to learn more?

Contact Don Worthington, Intermodal Director, at 816-505-1920 (x 2025) or